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Q.1. How many events can I post per month?
Ans. You can post as many events as you like.
Q.2. How much does it cost?
Ans. Posting events are FREE on What's Up Niagara
Q.3. How long do I have to sign up for?
Ans. You can cancel anytime, your account will always be FREE.
Q.4. How do I Resize my Logo or Image?
Ans. Use any photo editing program, resize images to 250X250 or smaller to fit on event listing. Windows live gallery is a simple free photo editor.
Q.5. How long do my events stay live?
Ans. All events stay online until they expire, they will remain in your account until deleted.
Q.6. Can I have a longer promotion?

Yes, set a longer expiry date and run ongoing or multiple promotions

Q.7. Can I track the number of events viewed or printed?
Ans. Yes, the stats are listed in your user panel under the events manager.
Q.8. How many images per event can be added?

 One per event and one in the account manager are allowed, your logo or image can be placed on your events, image must be 250x250 or smaller(to resize image in pixels click here or logo creation available contact us for pricing)

Q.9. Is there support?
Ans. We offer email, online chat and phone support.
Q.10. How many visitors?

That varies per month, as the number of events vary with the events posted from members.

Q.11. How do I know if a event promotion is successful?

By the number of views and printed events.

Q.12. How are Events promoted?
Ans. We have links posted on a number of websites such as www.shopniagara.ca , plus we publish a quarterly magazine and advertise the radio at www.giantfm.com
Q.13. How do I link my site to the event to show upt on my site?
Ans. Each event has its own URL to place on your website, load your event on www.WhatsUpNiagara.com find your event and copy the URL and Paste Link in your Site.
Q.14. Do you have a set up tutorial?
Ans. Yes, it is posted in our online help section.
Q.15. Can I edit the event if I forgot to add something?
Ans. Yes, all information can be edited in the admin panel. User and account info is in the account manager and events are in the event manager. 

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